NPO 57/870

Contact details:
Office: (+27(033) 342 2091
fax: +27 (086 518 3601)
Mobile: +27 (0) 81 856 9187

NPO Number 57/870
Account Number - 9191875622
Branch number - 632005
International Code ABSA ZAJJ


The project provides the following:


1.   A Soup Kitchen to feed poverty stricken children.

2.   A Drop-in Centre to assist and support child-headed households in particular.

3.   A Clinic to provide necessary heath care and services.

4.    Education and Training Facilities to assess what further education is required.

 5.     Provide food for the children and elderly that are unable to provide for themselves. 

6.   An increase in Educational and Awareness Programmes in the target area that are rights-based and promote character development for good, moral decision-making.

7.   An increase in leadership development activities for women, to encourage them to have a voice and to embark on ventures that will give them financial resources and independence.

8.   Strengthened networking amongst key role players allowing for a common voice and greater influence on government to address the twin pandemics of child and women abuse and HIV/AIDS.

9. To give hope in the form of care where violence and poverty cause a deflation in moral and self worth. 

10. Create awareness around the Pietermaritzburg area of the serious issues affecting the living conditions of the community in The FranceInformal Settlement.