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NPO Number 57/870
Account Number - 9191875622
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Reach Out is pleased to announce a new partnership with the NCF Church. We have had a relationship with the NCF Church for some time regarding the needs of the people in Pietermaritzburg's France suburb and we are excited to now formally partner with them for the benefit of these needy people.

The fight against poverty is a difficult task for any charity organisation bent on helping the poor. The implications of poverty are diverse: hunger, sickness and deprivation can lead those under its yoke to try find any way to support themselves as they become more desperate. The repercussions on society are not always good.

Networking plays an important role in finding partners who can realise a benefit for all concerned, and the partnership between the NCF Church and Reach Out is a good example of this. We welcome any other groups who feel they could also play a part.

This new partnership will see projects implemented that focus on employment and self sustaining income for the beneficiaries. Our goal is to empower the people of France, and to educate them with new skills that will enable them to sustain a healthy income. Medical care and feeding schemes will also be facilitated at the Reach Out Centre in France.

This is exciting news for France and we look forward to keeping you posted on the progress and success of our activities here. If you see a way to get involved too, please contact us at 033 3462183 or 076 0744 648.