NPO 57/870

Contact details:
Office: (+27(033) 342 2091
fax: +27 (086 518 3601)
Mobile: +27 (0) 81 856 9187

NPO Number 57/870
Account Number - 9191875622
Branch number - 632005
International Code ABSA ZAJJ


Most women and children enter this Community Centre, with many underlying issues which may surface during their visit. Interventions at this level include:

SOUP KITCHEN: A daily facility will provide children with 3 meals a day, if necessary.

HOMEWORK SUPPORT: Children from child-headed households will have the opportunity to have their homework supervised should they feel it necessary.

LAUNDRY FACILITY: The Drop-in Centre will assist child-headed household with laundry which will be collected by the children after school.

CHILD ADVOCACY CENTRE: This facility will give support, counselling and protection to sexually and physically abused children.

THE EDUCTIONAL AND TRAINING CENTRE: This will help to identify the most gifted school-leavers to be able to gain the training necessary for them to be able to put back into the community of France.

AN OLD AGE HOME: To house and look after our elderly. A pension payout point will also be available.

COUNSELLING CENTRE: Skilled and confidential counselling in a safe and supportive environment is provided to residents at least once a week. Issues dealt with include accepting and living with a HIV+ status and dealing with the aftermath of rape and domestic violence and restoring broken relationships. Where the counselling need falls beyond our capabilities, residents will be referred on to other organisations.

LIFE SKILLS: These include issues such as seeking and attaining employment, hygiene, basic domestic tasks like cooking and cleaning as well as looking at issues relating to women's rights.

REFERALS: Where appropriate, the community will be assisted to access services from other organisations such as further training, accommodation, employment, grant applications, legal assistance and statutory work.

HIV/AIDS INTERVENION: Men and Women will be referred on to other organisations for voluntary counselling and testing, HIV-related counselling and support groups, wellness training and assistance with accessing treatment and care.